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Your business needs more than locks on the door and security lighting. Whether your business needs to protect just one office, a whole building or multiple buildings, Advance Automation and Security is a full service provider who can design and install a total small business package that is right for your budget and special needs. Our goal is to help you prevent employee theft, protect building property and employees, and control property access with state of the art intrusion alarm and monitoring, video surveillance, and access control systems. Advance Automation and Security offers products and services that you can access 24/7 from any internet based device. Other options such as smoke and carbon dioxide detection, fire and water damage protection, and thermostat control can also be designed as part of your system.

Set up a free consultation with an Advance Automation and Security sales person today to design a new proactive security system for your business or to review your existing or outdated system. Keep your business protected and up to date with our advanced security services.

Advance Automation and Security offers:

  • New construction or retrofit/upgrades
  • Affordable plans to fit your budget needs
  • Professional installation and design
  • Local service, support and training
  • Comprehensive security solution
  • Peace of mind that your business is safe
  • IP camera systems with remote viewing of live or recorded video
  • DVR or NVR storage options
  • 24 hour central station
  • 2 way voice monitoring
  • Wired or wireless burglar alarms



Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems
Customize access to your office in order to protect your employees, property and assets with a system designed to meet your special needs at your facility. Access control can be integrated with your intrusion alarm system and surveillance alarm system for a total security solution. We offer state of the art access control systems as part of the security solution for small to medium size businesses.

  • Control and monitor access to single entries or multiple entries
  • Control and monitor one site business, campus style or multiple locations
  • Restrict access to sensitive areas of your business
  • Electronic keys and readers reduce the need to rekey
  • Monitor traffic from visitors or employees as they come and go from facility
  • Allow employee access quickly and efficiently
  • Make changes to your system or check on your business remotely via web based devices
  • Schedule based access can deny access based on normal business hours that are customizable by you
  • Setup and modify users quickly and easily
  • Add video cameras to capture video of any triggered event throughout the day
  • Each system has multiple options and ways to customize to your business needs



Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance
Keep an eye on your business by taking advantage of the latest technology to deter criminal activity, lower liability from false accident reports, improve loss prevention, and monitor premises.

Video surveillance can be used to reduce employee theft, outside burglaries, monitor high traffic or sensitive area, document activity or become evidence in case of injuries.
High definition IP solutions offer video with high levels of clarity and detail. IP digital video input can be stored on a NVR (network video recorder) allowing you remote access through any internet based device.

  • Benefits of video surveillance:

    Deter burglars and employee theft
    Accurate record of events lowers
       frivolous lawsuits
    Qualify for discount on business insurance
    Check on your business while out of town
    Catch criminals attempting to steal
       inventory, shop lifting
    Document vandalism for insurance claims
    Validate security system alarms to
       reduce false alarms

  • Benefits of IP video cameras:

    Color and monochrome
    Compact and unobtrusive
    Clear high definition images
    Quick and easy installation
    Precision varifocal or fixed lens
    Plug and play
    Record and store hours of video
    Fast easy retrieval of images
    Cost effective and flexible
    Motion detection and audio detection



Intrusion Detection and Monitoring

Intrusion Detection and Monitoring
Get peace of mind with UL listed 24/7 365 day constant contact with central station monitoring .

Every business should include a basic intrusion alarm as part of their integrated security solution.

  • Prevent and detect unauthorized entry
  • Systems include motion sensors, glass break detectors, door contacts, sirens/horns, smoke or heat detectors, panic buttons, keypads and other control equipment
  • Control and access your system 24/7 from any internet based device
  • Monitoring and dispatch is performed by trained specialists through a central office that is staffed around the clock, every day
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